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Senior Taekwon-do


 We offer a dynamic and comprehensive martial arts program with emphasis on physical fitness and stress relief in a safe and fun environment. We guarantee you will regain and improve your physical fitness while learning our comprehensive martial arts curriculum of all around self-defense.



The range of benefits are diverse which is why it appeals to people of all shapes and sizes no matter what age you are! Your training will develop you in key areas such as better physical fitness, the learning of self-defence and mental discipline.


It’s also about fun and a great way to make new friends. Some of our students are more fit than others but we all have to start somewhere!




Adults have to progress through the six belt colours, ranking from the lowest, white, then through yellow, green, blue, red, to the coveted black belt. Each colour, with exception of black, has two levels of grade, making ten in total.




The grading criterion is that a student should have taken the required number of classes and completed the required standard in the syllabus. The gradings are held every three months 


On promotion, you will receive a certificate and a new belt. We will ensure that your progress is monitored continuously throughout the next stage of your programme.

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