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Korean Kickboxing



Korean Kickboxing is a sport which combines the hand techniques of boxing and the kicks of TaeKwon-Do.



The sport is popular with both women and men who wish to gain fitness, good co-ordination skills and excellent flexibility.  Korean Kickboxing is also a true sport, with technical knowledge, good physical conditioning, tactical intelligence, ethic qualities and agility.



There are many benefits to kickboxing, it is a complete and total body workout, it is the most dynamic and popular way to get in shape and there are benefits for everyone:

  • Learn to defend yourself

  • Build self confidence and self esteem

  • It's an effective stress relief program.

  • Increase strength, flexibility and stamina

  • Have lots of fun getting into shape and that's a promise!



Regular gradings are also available, so you have the opportunity to progress through the grading system established at the club but its up to you so if you like just train to improve your fitness and have fun.


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