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Kickin' Kids 7-10 Years



Kickin Kids Taekwon-do program will allow your children to develop life skills including discipline, confidence as well as self defense.



Our Kickin Kids program focuses on the development of basic motor and listening skills in a fun and motivational way. As well as the obvious benefits our program will help your child’s development both at home and school through exposure to positive social interaction.



Your children will be given a personal training plan developed by our specialist instructors to ensure their goals are achieved in line with regular assessment.

We have devised a program, which combines both mainstream Tae Kwon-do and the essential learning skills which are important for their personal development.



On completion of the Kickin' Kids Program, the students will have developed all the necessary skills and personal development requirements to join the Junior Tae Kwon-do Program. The skills they have developed will enable them to join this Program as a 7th Kup Yellow Belt Green Tags, which is on the way to achieving that goal of Blackbelt.

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