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Junior Taekwon-do 11-13 Years


This is a dynamic and challenging training program for young people. It will develop fine motor skills, high levels physical fitness, alertness, a positive attitude, respect, discipline, self control, confidence and leadership skills. Following ITF style Tae Kwon-Do as taught by the founder General Choi Hong Hi.



Classes and programme's within the Academy are age specific, allowing the instructors to allocate the correct amount of time to every area of development specific to that age group. In Junior Tae Kwon-Do the training programme pursued sees the introduction of a more adult approach to training which closesly resembles the Adult Curriculum, and as such the belt grading system is the same. Progressing through the syllabus is by a hierarchal coloured belt system. There are six belt colours, ranking from the lowest , white then through yellow , green , blue , red to the coveted black belt. Each colour with exception of black, has two levels of grade, making ten in total.



The junior curriculum, white belt to black belt is based on training a minimum of 2 nights a week and covers all aspects of TKD, fundamental movement, fitness, reflex, speed and Tae Kwon-do philosophy. Each student receives their own specific training plan which maps out what is required to progress to the next stage of the programme. Our aim is to ensure that all students reach their goal of Black Belt and in so doing we teach our students to strive for excellence, not make do with average, and to be the best they can be.




When students find a particular skill challenging, they must show perseverance in order to overcome that hurdle.  Developing this quality will give the child high self-esteem and this is the key factor in all our martial arts programmes.  There are many children’s’ martial arts that will happily give belt promotions to appease and retain students.  We do not follow this philosophy as it does not build self-esteem and it will only serve in the child developing a false sense of security concerning their ability to defend themselves.


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